LIFE ACCORDING TO A POP STAR finally released!

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After struggling with some deadlines our second single “Life According to a Pop Star / Fair Is Foul” has finally been released today. This time both songs are original compositions. We intend to include both songs in the forthcoming album.

The single is already available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and other download and streaming platforms. It can be previewed there as well as in the discography entry of our homepage. We have provided previews that are a bit longer than on most commercial platforms.

As usual a limited vinyl edition is available in our store. As we sent our mixdown files to a mastering facility the material fits the vinyl a lot better than last time. Thanks to Stefan Noltemeyer at

Also thank you to all who have so ambitously participated in our video initiative. We’re still working on the final video which will include everybody who set free their inner pop star and sent us a video of himself/herself singing or dancing along to “Life According to a Pop Star”. Also those who did … something else.

The video will be released in late September.


The new single cover


Here´s a first look at the full cover design for our new single LIFE ACCORDING TO A POP STAR featuring the B-side “Fair Is Foul”.

We´re expecting the arrival of the limited edition vinyl records from the pressing plant any day now. The official release will be in August if everything goes according to plan. In the meantime keep sending in your entries for the video that will accompany the release.

Also check out the update in the discography section.


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Wir planen zu unserer Mitte des Sommers erscheinenden neuen Single “Life According to a Pop Star” ein Musikvideo und Du kannst mit dabei sein! Wir suchen nach kurzen Video-Clips, in denen Ihr zu unserer neuen Single singt und tanzt. Ihr könntet Euch auch als bekannte Popstars verkleiden. Wenn Du Interesse hast, schicke uns eine E-Mail und wir senden Dir einen Ausschnitt unseres Songs plus Text, den Du dann als Playback verwenden kannst. Wenn wir genügend Antworten bekommen, sollte das neue Video gleichzeitig mit der Single erscheinen – wahrscheinlich ungefähr Mitte August. Mit dem Einsenden des Clips, erklärst Du Dich mit der Verwendung für unser Video und mit einer Veröffentlichung auf Youtube sowie einer möglichen Ausstrahlung im Fernsehen einverstanden. Für weitere Informationen, klicke HIER.

Vielen Dank!
The Pop Hypothesis


To accompany the mid-summer release of our new single “Life According to a Pop Star” we are planning to make a music video and you can be part of it! We are looking for some short video clips of you singing and dancing along to our new single. You may even dress up as one of your favourite pop stars. If you are interested, email us and we will send you an extract of the song plus lyrics which you can then use as a playback track for your video. We expect your clips within a couple of days. If we get enough replies, the new video will be finished in time to be released together with the single – probably around the middle of August. By sending in your clip, you agree to its use for our video to be released on youtube as well as to its possible screening on TV. For further information, click HERE.

Thanks a lot!
The Pop Hypothesis

Next single in the works

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We haven’t yet emotionally recovered from our first single MADELAINE peaking at No. 515 in the Amazon pop charts, yet we’re already working on our next release. The picture above is a sneak peak of the cover design for the new single.

Unfortunately mixing took us a few months. For weeks we couldn’t get the sound effects for the drums right before realizing we had been using the wrong keyboard setup to begin with… After that mixing and mastering was done within a week. We think we improved sound quality a lot this time.

Next week we will send all the files to our pressing plant at My45’s so we should be set for a midsummer release.

In the meanwhile we’re working on a lot of other stuff promotion wise that we will share on this website. So stay tuned for more information and a chance to participate in some youtube antics.


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We were asked for a YouTube-link for promotional purposes. So we took some still photos and put together a little video for the MADELAINE single. Of course it’s not a real music video (we would have loved to do one but we don’t seem able to find the time right now) but maybe it’s fun to watch anyway:

LOVESICK ZOMBIE / the lyrics

Thanks to everybody who has supported us with our first release! For those who enjoyed our music so far here’s the full lyrics to “Lovesick Zombie”, the B-side of our current single “Madelaine”:

Lovesick Zombie Lyrics Blood.jpg

Shy away from light / Lost in the night

Stare at the wall / Rise just to fall

Is this the way it’s supposed to be? / Is this the way it’s supposed to be?
Is this the way it’s supposed to be? / Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

Daze but don’t dream / Groan, never scream
Hit in the skull / The world is so dull

Is this the way it’s supposed to be? / Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

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MADELAINE has been released today

M  Mback

Our first single “Madelaine / Lovesick Zombie” has been released today as planned. We are rather satisfied and also pleasantly surprised how well the sound transfer from home recordings to streaming and download files has turned out.

It is already available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and other download and streaming platforms. It’s not out on Amazon yet. Please check them out, enjoy the music and support the starving artists! Just kidding – this is a fun project and most of the time we’re eating more than a fair share of the world’s food supply  …

A limited vinyl edition is available in our store.




Release date for MADELAINE set!

Madelaine Rebeat Artist.jpg

The release date for the MADELAINE single has been set for March 31st.

Yesterday we sent all the digital files to our aggregator REBEAT. From there they will be uploaded to major download and streaming platforms, including the likes of iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or Deezer.

The actual date of availability can differ up to a few weeks from platform to platform but we hope that the release will be up on many sites as planned.