LIFE ACCORDING TO A POP STAR finally released!

POpA.jpg    PopB.jpg








After struggling with some deadlines our second single “Life According to a Pop Star / Fair Is Foul” has finally been released today. This time both songs are original compositions. We intend to include both songs in the forthcoming album.

The single is already available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and other download and streaming platforms. It can be previewed there as well as in the discography entry of our homepage. We have provided previews that are a bit longer than on most commercial platforms.

As usual a limited vinyl edition is available in our store. As we sent our mixdown files to a mastering facility the material fits the vinyl a lot better than last time. Thanks to Stefan Noltemeyer at

Also thank you to all who have so ambitously participated in our video initiative. We’re still working on the final video which will include everybody who set free their inner pop star and sent us a video of himself/herself singing or dancing along to “Life According to a Pop Star”. Also those who did … something else.

The video will be released in late September.


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