Forthcoming release/mixing & mastering

mad Mix crop.jpg

Mixing and mastering of the two tracks “Madelaine” and “Lovesick Zombie” on our first single has been finished. That was no small feat regarding the fact that we’re but musical amateurs and this is our first foray into producing a record.

We will now send the files and the artwork to the vinyl pressing plant for the limited 7″ vinyl edition. We ordered 200 copies. Hopefully that will turn out well.

Our next release: MADELAINE

We’re happy to announce our next release. It will be our first self produced single on 3:30 MusiC. The A side will be a cover version of Paul Roland’s song “Madelaine” from his 1985 album HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS.

We’re incredibly proud and honoured to have the blessing of the master himself for this release. In our version we have taken some liberties with the song structure, so of course we asked Paul for his permission for the publication. And here’s what he wrote back:

“[…] I think your version is smart, charming and witty. I am also touched by your passion and am very happy indeed to think that my music has meant something to you all these years. […]”

It will take some time until the actual release because we are planning a limited vinyl edition in addition to the regular download and streaming releases.

In the meanwhile you can listen to Paul’s original version of MADELAINE via the Spotify link below (you will have to log in if you want to hear more than just a sample). Don’t forget to check out all of Paul’s other music. Over the years he has published some of the best pop songs ever written.


Our first review in BLOW UP. magazine


Italian music magazine Blow Up. has reviewed the ALICE’S CURIOSITIES compilation quite favourably in their June 2017 issue. They even mentioned our contribution “Stranger than Strange”. The review is in Italian, the translation should go something like this:

“[…] Other version bring little explored relations to the light through their interpretations: Stranger than Strange as redone by The Pop Hypothesis ends up resembling certain synth pop of the Eighties […]”

Well, what can we say – it feels good to be understood …

Our first ever release is coming up!


The Pop Hypothesis are thrilled and deeply honoured to be featured on the online compilation ALICE’S CURIOSITIES, a tribute to the wonderful music of the great Paul Roland.

We have contributed a cover of Paul’s song „Stranger than Strange“ from his 1987 album A CABINET OF CURIOSITIES which the title of the tribute album refers to.

The compilation will be published by At Sea Compilations on May 6th. It will be available for download on their homepage and on Bandcamp.