1000 views on YouTube!


The video for “Stay for Christmas” has reached a first milestone  as it exceeded 1000 views on YouTube these days. Thanks to everyone who contributed! But this is only a starting point of course as the song is bound to return every Christmas to come. Forever … and ever … and ever …

Also “Life According to a Pop Star” passed the 800 views mark and the two version of “Madelaine” have over 1000 views combined.

The statistics as of today:

“Stay for Christmas” 1032 views
“Life According to a Pop Star” 804 views
“Madelaine” (Version 2) 661 views
“Madelaine” (Version 1) 362 views

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  1. Congrats und weiterhin viel Erfolg und Spaß!

    Lieben Gruß Bosko

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