STAY FOR CHRISTMAS: single and video released!


Who would have thought that of all people The Pop Hypothesis would release a Christmas record? But do not fear for our sanity – of course it is just ironic. In an unironic way though. Or was it unironic in an ironic way? I always get that mixed up.

So, if you think you’ll get sick if you have to listen to Last Christmas one more time but you still can’t do without a proper Christmas earworm to haunt and torment you for weeks and weeks to come – look no further! And don’t forget to check out Either Or, the brand new and not so jolly song on the B-side!

Preview files are here.

This time we finally managed to produce the music video in time for the single release. It’s up on YouTube, you can watch it below. I’m sure it will perfectly put you in the Christmas spirit and prepare you for all the annoying hardships Christmas season may harness.

The video guest stars our good friends The Legends of Rhythm and Gino which marks the first time in 24 years that all original members of The Legendary Film Corporation have acted together. Let’s see what that reunion might lead to…



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